About Lonij Classic Car 

Lonij Classic Car is a company that is specialized in air-cooled Porsche and Volkwagen. A company that is there for you. Because of our years of experience we know what is happening with our clients. We are often at swap meets in interior and abroad to find ways to make new contacts and strengthen our already existing contacts. We are always looking for improvement to provide our customers with the highest possible quality of the products. Therefore we appreciate feedback from our customers very much.

Leo Lonij is the leading man behind Lonij Classic Car. After having seen the beetle world as a hobby for years, he decided to create it as his work in 2001. His passion for the air-cooled Volkswagen is so enormous that he can always be found at swap meets or tinkering at his workshop. He is very hospitable and the coffee is ready for everyone.

In our workshop you are welcome to maintainance, restoration, engine overhaul, MOT testing and buying and selling of your own air-cooled oldtimer. Your classic car is taken in good hands with us. You are also welcome to come to us for advice and mediation in buying and selling.

In our warehouse we have a wide range of new and used parts. Such as accessoires, construction and technical components for every Volkswagen.

We strive to create an long term band with our clients, because as for business but certainly for private air we cherish the air-cooled Porsche and Volkswagen. Are you interested in a vintage car, car parts of do you have any questions about your air-cooled classic car? Then come and visit us. You can count on at least a personal and customer-friendly approach.

It is a hobby of you and us, one big Volkwagen family.